How To Set A Retirement Savings Target

Retirement planning gimmicks are everywhere.  Turn on the TV, read a magazine,  or search the internet, there are an endless numbers of calculators, estimators, and "expert" advice. The truth is, as the burden of retirement savings has shifted from employers to the workers themselves, investors need quantifiable answers to some difficult questions. How much money... Continue Reading →

An Overview of the Basic Tax Schedules

A tax schedule is a form that the IRS requires with your income tax return if you have certain types of income or deductions. While the Form 1040 is the main body of your return, the schedules provide useful and necessary information for your complete  taxable picture. Let's take a look at the most common... Continue Reading →

Is Your Hobby a Business?

For a lot of retirees, having a meaningful hobby after your career has ended is a crucial part of an enjoyable retirement. It's a concept we talk about a lot with our clients: It's more than what you're retiring from, it's what you're retiring to. For some, their hobbies can turn into more than just... Continue Reading →

Withdrawing from a 401(k) before 59 ½

When facing an unexpected cash crunch, most people look to their retirement accounts for help. It can be tempting, but if you’re under the golden age of 59 ½, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Most early distributions come at a cost - the IRS levies a 10% penalty in addition to the... Continue Reading →

Bond Interest & Taxes

Most all retirees, as well as many still working and saving, utilize bonds in their portfolios. As a bondholder, you act as a lendor - the company or government not only promises to return your money, but to also pay you a stated rate of interest for the trouble. If you hold bonds (or "fixed... Continue Reading →

529 Plans vs ESA: Questions To Consider

Saving for college and higher education is something most every family has to think carefully about.  The cost of college has skyrocketed over the last decade, leaving most young families planning for their children's education before they're even born. There are several account types (usually called "vehicles") that you may want to look into if... Continue Reading →

Retirement Income: A Primer

Planning for retirement, and even living in retirement, can leave you asking a lot of questions. The two most important questions you can ask are: Where is my retirement income going to come from?  What will my retirement income go to? The sources and uses of our assets are the same questions everyone asks themselves... Continue Reading →

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